Welcome to my website! I’ve been an avid fan of The Sims since its introduction in 2000, but I was never inspired to blog a story until I took a graduate class in digital media in 2014. The course required starting a blog, and coincided with the release of Sims 4. I decided to combine business with pleasure and write my first Legacy Challenge blog, Pete’s Legacy. Since that time my mind has been exploding with ideas. I am launching a spin-off, Simstra Nostra: It’s a Sims Thing, very soon, and my mind is exploding with other ideas!

I have also become a syndicated writer at Sims Writers, a website for both writers and readers where I can share my stories alongside my fellow Sims fans. So, look around here, check out my stories, visit Sims Writers for more great stories. Have fun!

Story Index

Pete’s Legacy

Legend Family Tree (could contain spoilers)

Simstra Nostra: It’s a Sims Thing

The Wonder Child

5 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I love how easy to use your Table of Contents is! I just wanted to congratulate you on becoming a Syndicated Writer at SimsWriters! Now logged in members will be able to select your box to display on their Member’s Site Home Page (under the User Guide).

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  2. It is really neat that your were able to tie this in with your work.

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  3. I love your newest story too ❤ It's also inspiring to see your blog grow like this.

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