Simstra Nostra: It’s a Sims Thing

Welcome to Simstra Nostra! Brooklyn and Mackenzie Legend, third generation sisters from Pete’s Legacy, aspire to be public enemies and move to Willow Creek to found their criminal empire.Freddie, Brooklyn, and Mackenzie Legend

Freddie, Brooklyn, and Mackenzie Legend

SN: Chapter 1: New Places, New Faces

SN Chapter 2: Taking Care of Business

SN Chapter 3: The Importance of Family

          Bonus Chapter-The Chain Letter: Chapter 3

This chapter, featuring the Legend crime family, is part of a collaborative project sponsored by Follow the fantasy of The Chain Letter there and check out the offerings of other talented Sim-writers. Stay tuned for Chapter 4 of Simstra Nostra, coming soon!

Chapter 4: Prelude to a Camping Trip

4 thoughts on “Simstra Nostra: It’s a Sims Thing”

  1. I’m looking forward to following their story 😀 I always have a great time with criminal or naughty sims!

    Liked by 1 person

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